Telephone Quick Reference

Operator Assistance 601.877.6100

For emergencies outside normal working hours, please call Campus Police at 601.877.3000

President Dr. Alfred Rankins, Jr. 877-6111
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Samuel L. White 877-6142
Vice President for Fiscal Affairs      Ms. Carolyn Hinton 877-6151
Vice President for Development and
Mr. Marcus D. Ward 877-6693
Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Management Dr. Carl Cunningham 877-6158
Vice President for Media Relations      Ms. Clara R. Stamps 877-6130

Academic Deans
School of Agriculture, Research, Extension
& Applied Sciences (IT Bldg 1st flr)
Dr. Barry L. Bequette 877-6137
School of Arts & Sciences (MASC 2nd flr) Dr. Babu Patlolla 877-6120
School of Business (Dumas Hall) Dr. William Piper 877-6450
School of Education & Psychology
(WWACB 2nd flr)
Dr. Robert Carr 877-6201
School of Nursing (Natchez Campus)
Graduate Studies

Department Chairpersons
Agriculture (Ag Bldg 1st flr) Dr. Dovi Alipoe, Interim 877-6543
Biology (MASC 3rd flr) Dr. Bettaiya Rajanna 877-6237
Business (Dumas Hall) Dr. John Igwebuike  877-6453
Chemistry & Physics (MASC 2nd flr) Dr. Robert Leard, Interim 877-6436
Mass Communication (IT Bldg 1st flr) Dr. Jerry Domatob, Interim 877-6612
Education (WWACB 2nd flr) Dr. Malinda Butler
English & Foreign Languages (Harmon Hall) Dr. Cynthia Scurria 877-6401
Human Sciences (Eunice Powell Hall) Dr. Wanda Newell
Fine Arts (Fine Arts Bldg) Dr. Larry Konecky 877-6261
Health, Physical Ed. & Rec. (Whitney Complex) Dr. Johnny Thomas 877-6507
Advanced Technologies (It Bldg 1st flr) Dr. Kwabena Agyepong 877-6482
Mathematical Sciences (MASC 1st flr) Dr. Lixin Yu 877-6430
Military Science (Mil Sci Bldg)
Nursing (Associate Degree) (Natchez Campus) Ms. Teresa Bryan
Nursing (Baccalaureate) (Natchez Campus) Dr. Meg Brown
Nursing (Masters Degree) (Natchez Campus) Dr. Meg Brown
Social Sciences (Harmon Hall)

Administrative Offices
Business Affairs (WWACB 3rd flr) Ms. Carolyn Hinton,
Vice President

Accounting(WWACB 2nd flr)

Ms. Cassandra Lewis


Admissions (WWACB 3rd flr) Ms. Katangela Tenner  877-6148
Alumni Affairs (Alumni House) Ms. Janice Gibson 877-6323
Athletics (Whitney Complex) Mr. Dwayne White 877-6509
Bookstore (Amenities Building)
Bursar Office      Mrs. Dendria Winchester 877-2377
Facilities Management (Physical Plant) Mr. Jessie Stephney,
Associate Vice President
Cafeteria (Dining Halls) Mr. Corey Young, GM 877-6341
Campus Union (Campus Union 2nd flr) Mr. Willie Moses 877-6320, 877-6321
Cashiers      Kim Day, LaKenya Thomas 877-2378,
Center for Information Technology Services
(WWACB 4th flr)
Mrs. Donna G. Hayden, CIO  877-6181, 877-6182
Counseling & Testing (WWACB 3rd flr) Ms. Dyann Moses 877-6230
Financial Services (Financial Services Bldg) Ms. Juanita Russell 877-6192
Health Services (Infirmary) Ms. Dorothy Jackson 877-6460
Pre-Professional and Honors Programs Dr. Thomas Sturgis 877-6138
Residence Life Ms. Jessica L. Foxworth 877-6478
Human Resources (WWACB 1st flr) Ms. Carla Williams 877-6188
Institutional Research & Assessment
(WWACB 4th flr)
Dr. Ramesh Maddali 877-6146
Library (J.D. Boyd Library) Dr. Blanche Sanders 877-6350
Office of Global Programs Dr. Dovi Alipoe 877-6533
Career Services (Campus Union)   877-6324, 877-6325
Post Office (Campus Union 1st flr) Mrs. Geraldine Harried 877-6334
Printing & Duplication (WWACB 1st flr)   877-6176
Registrar (WWACB 2nd flr) Mr. Jimmy Smith, Interim 877-6170
Campus Police (Safety Center) Chief Michael Storr 877-3000
Student Activities (Campus Union 2nd flr) Ms. Devina Hogan 877-6328, 877-6329

Residence Halls
Albert Lott   877-6636
Building A (New)   877-6805
Building B (New)   877-6806
Burrus Hall   877-6605
Female Honors   877-4118
Mabel Thomas   877-6615
Natchez (Student Nursing)   601-304-4408
Revels   877-2308
Robinson   877-3128

Alcorn Fire Department 877-3000
Alcorn Police Department 877-3000
Electrician 877-6470
Infirmary 877-6460
Plumber 877-6470

Area Hospitals
Patients' Choice Medical Center of
Claiborne County
River Region Medical Center (Vicksburg) 883-5000 
Jefferson County Hospital 786-3401
Natchez Community Hospital 445-6231
Natchez Regional Medical Center 443-2680