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Alcorn graduates are a powerful presence throughout the nation and in most every profession you can imagine: They heal the sick, help the less fortunate, teach our children, make art and music, practice law, head thriving businesses, conduct research, work to save the environment, and solve world hunger. Our outstanding reputation for educatin minority educators and scientists results, in part, from our tradition of involving students in research. the central purpose of the Graduate School is to provide for the advanced training of men and women and the promotion of research which will contribute to knowledge in an atmosphere of freedom and inquiry. Eleven degree programs are offered through the Office of Graduate Studies: Master of Science in Education, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Science in Agriculture, Master of Science in Applied Sciences, Master of Science in Biology, Master of Science in Biotechnology, Master of Science in Computer and Information Science, Master of Science in Workforce Education Leadership, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Business Administration, and Education Specialist in Elementary Education.

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Are you interested in advancing your career or improving your professional skills? The time is now to apply online for admission to graduate school at Alcorn State University. All admission documents must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies (application, official transcript, official standardized test scores based on the program of application, GRE<PRAXIS I or CASE, PRAXIS II, or GMAT), and two letters of recommendation). You can apply by visiting the Alcorn homepage and clicking Apply or accessing this link on the Graduate Studies webpage. Click the link Apply for Admission and select the appropriate graduate application-First Time Graduate, Graduate Readmission, Graduate Second Masters, Graduate Non-Degree, and Specialist. All completed admission packs are reviewed for an admission decision by the academic unit's admission committee. Applications received beyond the deadline for admission will be processed for the next semester.

Fall - July 15        Spring - November 25        Summer I - April 25        Summer II - May 25

Registration begins April 1, 2014 for Summer Sessions I and II and April 21 Pre-Registration for Fall 2014. You must be admitted before you are allowed to register. An Alternate PIN is still required to register for the summer terms. Students are advised to contact your academic adviser for advisement and issuance of your PIN to register. No PINs are issued by Graduate Studies staff.

All forms submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by prospective and currently enrolled students must be typed.  Handwritten documents submitted will be returned and this will only delay processing for students applying for admission or graduation. 

Graduate Studies has two new programs for career-minded students. Don't miss your opportunity, apply now.

Department of Education and Psychology
  Secondary Education Masters with a Concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Master of Business Administration
  Executive MBA with Concentrations in Gaming Management and Hospitality Management

Welcome to our new students startting spring 2014. We're looking forward to seeing you at Alcorn! New students are reminded to submit your Program of Study sheet to the Graduate Office within your first semester of enrollment. All students should make an appointment with your advisor to discuss program of study progress and to continuously receive advisement.

Our customers are very important to us. The Office of Graduate Studies encourages you to contact our office when you have questions regarding our programs, admission, graduation, or any issue you encounter as a graduate. Our staff is available and willing to assist you. Call or stop in our office anytime between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Fridays. If you visit our office, take time to tell us what you are thinking about the customer service you received and how we can best serve you. Complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey and dro it in the Treasure Chest on the counter.

If you need to fax us any forms or other materials, you can fax directly to our office at 601-877-6995. You can also contact us via emai at