The Newtie J. Boyd Academic Support Center provides the General Education Core Curriculum for all undergraduate students. The remaining schools are composed of academic departments, each of which offers more advanced study in one or more major academic fields of study leading to a bachelor’s degree. The Academic Support Center is the component of the university responsible for fulfilling the university’s goals of: (1) preparing students with general knowledge in the areas of English and writing, creative arts, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, mathematics, and health and wellness (2) providing diversification of educational programs to accommodate students with varying levels of potential for achievement, and (3) preparing effective programs and services for students in the areas of advisement, counseling, academic assessment, tutoring, and instructional methodologies.

The fundamental goal of the Academic Support Center is to provide all students who matriculate at the university with services, activities, and programs which will maximize their chances of success upon entry into a program of study in a selected academic department. To accomplish this goal, the Academic Support Center

1. Serves as the initial point of entry for all undergraduate students enrolling in the institution
for the first time;

2. Maintains a general education program and a developmental education program
commensurate to the expressed and determined needs of students.

It is the responsibility of the Academic Support Center to:

1. provide students with detailed orientation to collegiate life at the university and its attending stipulations;

2. assesses each student’s academic and personal development status upon entry;

3. provide each student with the appropriate program(s), services, and activities within and outside the College for Excellence that will meet identified needs to the extent that personal success is maximized;

4. monitor the progress of each student on a regular and constant basis;

5. make adjustments in student’s program based on observations of academic progression;

6. upon completion of the general core, recommend students to their selected major departments and school; and

7. evaluate annually all programs, academic support services, and revise appropriately.

All undergraduate students entering the university for the first time, returning students, and transfer students, who have not met the requirements for transfer to a major department and school, comprise the student population of the Academic Support Center.

To exit the Academic Support Center, a student must complete all required non-college track courses and all required courses of their first year of study with a minimum GPA 2.0.