The School of Business offers majors in Accounting, Business Administration, and Administrative Office Management. Students who major in Business Administration have the opportunity to select an area concentration in Management or Finance. The School offers the Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees.

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The primary objectives of the School of Business are:

  1. to develop positive leadership and interpersonal skills,
  2. to prepare students for entry-level positions in business, government, and education, and to provide them with the background needed to strive for higher levels of responsibility in chosen aspects of their lives,
  3. to provide a strong foundation in the professional business areas upon which students may further develop their knowledge and abilities by pursuing post-baccalaureate studies,
  4. to develop economic competence to enable an individual to be a productive citizen and a wise consumer of resources, goods, and services,
  5. to encourage faculty involvement in research and participation in academic and professional meetings in their areas of competence,
  6. to engage in community outreach through entrepreneurship and small business center services.

The curricula in the School of Business stress problem-solving techniques, analytical skills development and application, couched in computer utilization. A minimum of 128 hours and the passing of a comprehensive exam in business are required for graduation.