Governance & Organization

Board of Trustees of State of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning 

President Dr. Alfred Rankins, Jr. 

NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative--Dr. John G. Igwebuike 

Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion - Dr. Derek Greenfield, Director   

University Internal Auditor - Mr. Permy Thuha 

Division of Academic Affairs – Dr. Samuel L. White, Executive Vice President & Provost 

Athletics - Mr. Dwayne White, Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 

Division of Finance and Administrative Services 

Division of Institutional Advancement - Mr. Marcus D. Ward, Vice President  

Division of Media Relations - Ms. Clara Ross Stamps, Vice President 

Division of Student Success and Enrollment Management - Dr. Carl Cunningham, Jr., Vice President 

Title III and Sponsored Programs – Dr. Lola T. Brown, Administrator 

ASU Wesley Foundation – Elder Vera Hall, Director