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Alcorn animals take a trip to Natchez

Ag animals

In December, the animals from the Diversified Animal Facility of Alcorn’s School of Agriculture, Research, Extension and Applied Sciences (AREAS) took a little holiday trip and ventured out to Memorial Park in Natchez.

It was Family Weekend at Christmas in Natchez and, along with ice skating and fireworks, families could visit the animals in the park. Children of all ages came to enjoy the alpacas, miniature horses and even the pot-bellied pigs.

“Even the cold winter wind did not stop the children from squealing, reaching out for and talking to the animals. The kids were even seen trying to waddle like the pot-bellied pigs,” said Dr. Ruth Nichols, director of External Relations at Alcorn. “Many thanks to Dr. Barry Bequette, dean of the School of AREAS, and his department for participating in this successful community project.”