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Dr. Twumasi and research team publish paper in international journal

Yaw Twumasi_ed for web

Dr. Yaw Twumasi.

Dr. Yaw Twumasi of the Department of Agriculture’s Research Unit at Alcorn State University has, in conjunction with his research collaborators, published research paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2011), volume 8, pp. 2418–2446. The paper titled “The Applications of GIS in the Analysis of the Impacts of Human Activities on South Texas Watersheds” was published with five co-authors from Jackson State University.

The research evaluates the causes and impact of human activities on the health of South Texas agricultural watersheds using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The results point to growing ecosystem decline across time and a geographic cluster of counties experiencing environmental stress. Accordingly, the emergence of stressors such as rising population, increased use of fertilizer treatments on farm land, discharges of atmospheric pollutants and the large presence of municipal and industrial waste treatment facilities emitting pathogens and pesticides directly into the agricultural watersheds pose a growing threat to the quality of the watershed ecosystem.

Dr. Twumasi stated, “With water resource planning assuming greater importance in environmental protection efforts, analyzing the health of agricultural watersheds using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) becomes essential for decision-makers in Southern Texas.”