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ASU Advanced Tech/HP faculty and students present papers at conference

Alcorn State University Department of Advanced Technologies Radiation Technology/ Health Physics (HP) faculty Jeremiah Billa and students represented the university at the 57th Annual Health Physics Society (HPS) Conference held on June 25-30, 2011, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Attendees included radiation safety professionals from academic, industry, hospitals, and students from all over and outside the U.S.

Billa presented a research paper “Radioactivity Studies in Oil Samples Collected from Various Locations in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama Coasts” co-authored by Drs. Steve Adzanu and Sam Aceil, both Advanced Technologies faculty. Student presentations consisted of two research topics: “Measurement of Radionuclide Concentration in Commonly Used Fertilizers in the Delta Region of Mississippi State” and “Health Effects Following a Radiological Emergency in First Responders”. Two student teams participated in the above project under Billa’s supervision. George Osei, Teneka Williams, Kiana Singleton, Christopher Franklin and Maxwell Gidi did research on understanding radium and potassium levels in commonly used fertilizers in the agriculture field. And Jadtrl Heard, Harrison Agordzo and Ashley Carter (psychology major) worked on a project that emphasized understanding health effects in emergency workers following radiological emergencies.

“Alcorn State was the only HBCU with significant student presentations and second in terms of number of student participants at the conference,” said Billa. “It is important that students get involved in the professional society activities and get exposed to various research activities outside the campus. The faculty and staff in the Department of Advanced Technologies think highly of the students’ research presentations and their involvement in professional conferences.”

Photo L to R: Chris Franklin, Teneka Williams, Kiana Singleton and George Osei.