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Dr. Twumasi presents papers at two conferences

Dr. Yaw Twumasi, assistant professor in the Department of Advanced Technologies, presented a paper at the 12th Annual Coastal Development Strategies Conference held in Biloxi, Mississippi, May 11-12. His paper, presented along with co-author Dr. Alton Johnson, Alcorn State University, School of AREAS, was titled “Satellite Image Fusion with DEM for 3D Terrain Visualization and Coastal Zone Management: A Case Study of the Southern Mississippi”.

“Since Hurricane Katrina, developers and planners are looking at tools and sustainable ways to minimize vulnerabilities in events of disasters,” stated Dr. Twumasi, whose professional interest are natural resources management, climate change, sustainability, applied remote sensing and geographic information systems. “Results from the satellite image fusion and 3D visualization could facilitate better understanding of the landscape such as geomorphologic processes as well as trends and slope of the coastal area. It could also help correct spatial planning problems. Thus, help minimize residents’ vulnerability to natural and man-made disasters along the coast.”

The conference was hosted by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (DMR) Office of Coastal Management and Planning, Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area and conference partners Gulf Coast Business Council and Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce. The goal was to solicit experts on a wide range of areas to present on climate change, energy and resiliency, implementing smart growth, infrastructure, financing, real estate development and redevelopment, and geographic information systems and its applications. The conference was well attended by experts on coastal development, and professors and students from universities across the United States.

Dr. Twumasi also collaborated with Jackson State University to present a paper at the International Symposium on Climate Information for Managing Risks (CIMR) in Orlando, Florida, May 24-27, 2011. This conference was hosted by the University of Florida, Southern Climate Consortium and the Florida Climate Institute. The theme was “CIMR: Local to Regional Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies”. Dr. Twumasi’s joint paper was titled “Using Climate Risk Information in Assessing the Vulnerability of Coastal Areas in the Southeast: The Case of Louisiana and Mississippi.” This conference was also well attended, with participants from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

Dr. Twumasi has over 50 scientific publications in a variety of refereed journals and conference proceedings. He has delivered numerous lectures on his research addressing the use of remote sensing and GIS technology in assessing and managing Earth's resources.

To read the proof of his paper presented at the International Symposium on CIMR, click here.

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