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Ninety-one Alcorn student athletes named to academic honor roll

Alcorn State, Miss. (February 15, 2013) - “Alcorn State University is exceptionally proud of its 91 student athletes for achieving a 3.0 or higher Grade Point Average in the 2012 fall semester,” stated Athletic Director Dwayne White.

“It’s definitely not an easy task to excel in the dual roles of being an athlete and a student, but to do so here, at Alcorn, where academics is placed in such high regard, is that much more phenomenal. We congratulate all of our student athletes.”

At Alcorn, student athletes have a network of support that allows them to be great on and off the field. Coaches, advisors, instructors and a wide range of services offered by the Division of Student Affairs empower student athletes to achieve excellence in the classroom and to reach their academic, career and athletic goals. Student athletes receive assistance in planning for and successfully completing the specialized requirements in addition to fulfilling the general requirements applicable to all students.

“Our coaches deserve recognition for recruiting top-notch student athletes and our student athletes deserve recognition for their hard work,” White added. “Alcorn’s coaching staff and academic advisors work diligently to support these student athletes as they balance their athletic, academic and personal demands.”

Golf team member Jonathan Weir, a freshman majoring in agribusiness, who has a 4.0 GPA, said, “Learning to manage my time wisely and faculty mentoring has helped me. I was excited to earn a high GPA. Usually students struggle their first year in college, but I am glad that I listened to my instructors and did well. I am looking forward to the Honors Convocation.”

Symona Peavie, a member of the Track and Field team, is a senior majoring in biology. She stated, “I come from a family that values education and it’s important to me to maintain good grades. At Alcorn, juggling class work and playing sports has taught me to be flexible, disciplined and stay focused. I feel that I am prepared for ‘real life’ after graduation and I am thankful to my family, my instructors and my coach for being there for me.”